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Around the clock Locksmith & garage door Services Established in 2014 and it is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means whenever you have a problem, we’ll be there to fix it; fast! Around the clock Locksmith & garage door Services understands your security needs and will work to keep your family and property safe.

Meet the Owner

My name is Gal. I am the owner of Around the Clock Locksmith & garage door Services, I come from a great background of training and professionalism. I established A.T.C locksmith early this year to provide top service,I used to work for a great company which is well know in the locksmith industry. As a independent business owner this year has been amazing for me, meeting and providing service to customers.We are experienced to work with all types of situations from emergencies to residential, commercial & automotive, we are experienced in the field of being a professional locksmith company and proudly working 24/7

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ATC Locksmith & Garage Door Price List

Service call fee -trip charge ($35)fixed price

*Residential Commercial automotive Average Price range $65 – $95
*Locks re key Residential & Commercial Average Price range $20 – $55
*Locks repair Residential & Commercial Average Price range $35 – $85
*Key extraction Residential & Commercial Average Price range $35 – $65
*Lock changing Residential & Commercial Average Price range $65 – $85 for basic locks.
*Fresh installation Residential & Commercial for example (door without holes ) Average Price range $85 – $145
*Safe Lockout (for your information on standard safe damage Will Occur) Average Price range $155 – $295
*New vehicle key Car trucks motorcycles ETC… Average Price range $155 – $255
*Ignition change for any vehicle Average Price range $125 – $175
* program transponder key Average Price range $95 – $125
*Key extraction automotive Average Price range $95 – $125
*Key duplication Average Price range $2.50 – $8 Per key.
*Key duplication for do not duplicate keys (DND) Average Price range $4 -$16

Basic fees for: garage door installation/repair

*Garage door spring placement Average Price range $175 – $275 (Standard Springs)
*Garage door opener replacement Average Price range $575 – $875 (price may change depending on opener brand and Hp)
*Garage door sensor placement Average Price range at $125 – $175
*Garage door remotes clicker and universal clickers Wall keypad Average Price range at $75 – $125

For complete garage door Replacement or replacing panels windows of garage doors please contact us directly for prices!

Note: Residential & commercial
Coast is the minimum estimate for services,The final cost may vary, it will be dependent on your security level of the locks In addition to labor charges!

Note: Automotive/Ignitions
Coast is the minimum estimate for the service Keep in mind every ignition and every car computer is different !

Service Call Note:
The total amount will be service call fee of $35 Plus parts & labor cost (If lock purchased from us)
Please keep in consideration that we are trying to do our best to service everybody as they call our business.
we have an estimate time arrival to any job which is up to 35 minutes from time job confirmed With customer, Of course we will try to do our best, based on customer job description.
Job will perform only after customer agreed to prices prices will be given right after technician diagnose the problem.

Warranty policy:
Warranty valid for 30 days.

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