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Need Commercial Garage Door Services?

Garage doors are a significant investment in commercial buildings. Especially in a factory where material storage and warehouses facilities use their garage doors almost all the time, so they have to be durable and robust. Most commercial garage doors are not usually prided on the way they look, rather than their strength and size except on special demand. From fire stations and truck fleet garages to warehouses and manufacturing plants, commercial garage doors, rolling doors, and sectional doors can all be used to help facilitate the running of your business

However, in a setting where you have a storage facility, obviously, you are going to need many different units. Each unit is going to need a garage door. All the garage doors should look the same even if they are not the fanciest most beautiful looking door. They get the job done, and they meet all the safety requirements that are lawfully mandatory.

A commercial garage also doors are held with much higher standards to ensure continuous and safe operation in a business environment. Unlike residential garage doors, commercial garage doors are intended to take more rough wear and tear than their nearby residential garage doors and are made of sturdy material that can withstand more than the average bump and hit without showing signs of damage or wear. That’s why they are customized with heavy-duty locks for security and they can be configured into a building’s security system rather easily but must be secure but must comply with OSHA requirements as well as be in regulation with local codes and ordinances.


Designated business garage doors that are equipped with different automatic doors require commercial strength openers and are different than the ones in households. Safety mechanisms must also be considered too. But most commercial docking doors are fitted with break-away bottom sections which are designed to break away upon impact with any big object, the benefit to this is the garage can be reset easily, and it could save operators from high damages and injuries.

There are a different variety of commercial garage doors available that differ in materials, opening mechanism, and function. But the three main types of commercial garage doors are steel sectional, aluminum and rolling steel. The aluminum doors are typically designed to include windows to allow more light and visibility. This makes aluminum doors perfect for internal partitions as well as merging indoor and outdoor spaces. Aluminum doors are most commonly used in fire stations and car dealerships. Steel sectional doors are composed of several steel panels hinged together.

While the steel sectional commercial doors have multiple gauge and insulation options that contribute to its security and climate control abilities, some steel sectionals can also come glazed or stucco embossed. In addition to your options available in the style category, you can also choose from commercial garage doors that come either insulated or not insulated depending on your needs. For most business, if the area to be contained by a garage door is heated or cooled to maintain a climate-controlled environment it just makes sense to extend that containment to the garage door and get it insulated.

Therefore, commercial garage doors come in a variety of types, making it easy to find the right door for virtually any space. Whether you are looking for a solid or perforated door and whether you are looking to close off a small, medium, or large area, you can always can all kinds of commercial garage doors from ATC Locksmith & Garage Door or give us a call on 818 857-8304 for any type of garage door.

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